No matter which sizes offroad vehicle you purchase, LED lights offer four major benefits that make them the best choice for rock crawling, green cleaning, dune bashing, raiding or cross country. There are four reasons to consider LED lights. These include, in order of importance:

  • Durability and Reliability
  • Environmentally and user-friendly
  • Reduction in noise
  • Great Performance

Offroading is a challenging sport that requires a sturdy vehicle that is equipped with top-notch accessories. These lights are more effective than halogen or fluorescent lights when the terrain is hostile and presents the need for optimal lighting. For example, LEDs are the choice of large agri-businesses where work is performed at dusk or in the mining industry where adequate lighting is a necessity for safety purposes. LEDs provide longer lasting lumination with a reduction in noise that is associated with other types of lighting.


Industrial facilities choose LEDs for site illumination to protect workers and to provide proper lighting for processing, equipment inspections, maintenance and repairs. LEDs offer a greater level of brightness per square foot. This is due to the higher level of light output and light level. LEDs can provide up to 6,000 hours of illumination, which is an example of the level of durability of these lights.


Offroad vehicles, large industrial sites and commercial businesses choose LEDs to maintain compliance with environmental regulations regarding use and disposal. These lights are so popular that many urban and suburban vehicle owners are installing them on their new and used vehicles because they perform so well in bad weather, especially in climates where dense fog, snow and torrential rains can make driving less safe. For example, in areas with extreme winter temperatures and heavy snow events, LEDs become a necessity for clear vision on icy roads. Conversely, humidity tends to affect vehicles equipped with halogen and fluorescent lights.


In municipalities, police and emergency vehicles choose LEDs for light bars for utility vehicles and parking areas. LEDS provide full illumination over a wide span. When LEDs are installed around warehousing and distribution areas, these lights protect shipping and receiving areas from accidents and theft. These lights are also installed in many residential apartments, mobile home and condo complexes.


Earthtrack Group LED Lights are the industry’s most popular, reliable brand among RV, snowmobile, cyclists and off-road vehicle owners. For more information on LEDs, visit LED Light Bars.

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