If you need a bright, long-lasting light that is also energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the way to go. These bulbs have seen vast improvements in technology that have made them an affordable choice for tasks, homes, and hobbies that need clear, clean light. LED lights don’t work in the same way as plain filament bulbs, however, which contributes to the LEDs’ longevity.

When you look inside an LED bulb, you’ll see several smaller bulb-like structures. These are semiconductors that produce light. The materials out of which LED semiconductors are made can change the type and colour of light given off by the bulb. The light you see coming out of LED lights is electromagnetic radiation. This is produced when electrons move along the semiconductor.


These semiconductors are much tougher than the tungsten filaments you find in traditional incandescent bulbs, and they don’t draw nearly as much power as the filaments in halogen bulbs. A big advantage to using LEDs of compact fluorescent lights is that the LEDs contain no mercury, meaning you don’t need to take special precautions when tossing an old LED that no longer works.


LEDs are suitable for everything from small fairy lights to large off-road light bars. They are particularly well-suited to spotlight functions, so if you need work lights (either small task lights or bright spotlights) or driving lights that won’t burn out on you when you’re in the middle of nowhere, LEDs are what you want.

how an led light works



For LED light bars, manufacturers express their brightness either in lumens or candlepower. For the purpose of comparing different products, you may be required to convert either of the units.


Candlepower is also referred to as candela and is used to refer to the unit used to measure photometry. Candlepower simply measures the intensity of the light from the source and does not consider the direction of light or its quality. Lumens, on the other hand, measure the amount of light hitting the object that is being illuminated. This makes Lumens a more complex and technical mode of measurement since it considers a human beings sensitivity to the electromagnetic emission and therefore it is can be simply considered as the amount of visible light.


Since lumens measure the amount of light in all direction while candlepower measures the light from the source in one direction, it becomes difficult to convert lumens to candlepower, however when a manufacturer rates the product in candlepower, it usually means ‘spherical candlepower’ which can be compared to a lamp rated in lumens. You simply take the lumens stated by the manufacturer and divide them by 12.57 and you will get the output in candlepower.


Of Couse Lumens and candlepower are the main features to look for when buying an LED light bar, there are several other important features you need to look at, they include;

Light bar length and shape- This is for installation purpose and affects the strength of the beam due to the number of LEDs fitted.

Beam angle- it dictates the width and depth of illumination


iii.Efficiency- This is given in lumens per watt and is a measure of the quality of the LEDs


iv.Led colour temperature- this determines where the output of the lamp falls in the visible light spectrum and is measured in Kelvin temperature scale.


v.Water and power resistance- The IP (Ingress Protection) Code is the standard used by the manufacturer to measure the resistance to dust and water.


vi.Electrical connectors- they should be corrosion resistant and able to perform in a wide range of temperature.


vii.Light bar operating voltage- the voltage range should cover your vehicle’s voltage

Whether you are looking for an LED light bar for your truck, ATV or home, there are many options to look out for and you are bound to find the one that will fit your needs perfectly.




No matter which sizes offroad vehicle you purchase, LED lights offer four major benefits that make them the best choice for rock crawling, green cleaning, dune bashing, raiding or cross country. There are four reasons to consider LED lights. These include, in order of importance:

  • Durability and Reliability
  • Environmentally and user-friendly
  • Reduction in noise
  • Great Performance

Offroading is a challenging sport that requires a sturdy vehicle that is equipped with top-notch accessories. These lights are more effective than halogen or fluorescent lights when the terrain is hostile and presents the need for optimal lighting. For example, LEDs are the choice of large agri-businesses where work is performed at dusk or in the mining industry where adequate lighting is a necessity for safety purposes. LEDs provide longer lasting lumination with a reduction in noise that is associated with other types of lighting.


Industrial facilities choose LEDs for site illumination to protect workers and to provide proper lighting for processing, equipment inspections, maintenance and repairs. LEDs offer a greater level of brightness per square foot. This is due to the higher level of light output and light level. LEDs can provide up to 6,000 hours of illumination, which is an example of the level of durability of these lights.


Offroad vehicles, large industrial sites and commercial businesses choose LEDs to maintain compliance with environmental regulations regarding use and disposal. These lights are so popular that many urban and suburban vehicle owners are installing them on their new and used vehicles because they perform so well in bad weather, especially in climates where dense fog, snow and torrential rains can make driving less safe. For example, in areas with extreme winter temperatures and heavy snow events, LEDs become a necessity for clear vision on icy roads. Conversely, humidity tends to affect vehicles equipped with halogen and fluorescent lights.


In municipalities, police and emergency vehicles choose LEDs for light bars for utility vehicles and parking areas. LEDS provide full illumination over a wide span. When LEDs are installed around warehousing and distribution areas, these lights protect shipping and receiving areas from accidents and theft. These lights are also installed in many residential apartments, mobile home and condo complexes.


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