Best Off Road Vehicle List – Toyota Tacoma

13. Toyota Tacoma (2001-2008)

The Toyota Tacoma Generation 1.5 and Generation 2 models produced between 2001 and 2008 are some of the best off-road vehicles ever produced. The trucks are based on a simple design that delivers strong performance, reliability, and an excellent value for the money. The Tacoma will not fail on the driver if it is overloaded, and they have decent fuel economy when compared to other off-road trucks. The stock suspension on the Tacoma does leave a bit to be desired with the front being under-dampened and the rear having its own issues. Most Tacoma owners have gone ahead and modified the suspension if driving the vehicle off-road to improve overall performance. Additionally, the interior quality is not equivalent to the remainder of the vehicle, so for those who like their autos to look good on the inside some work will need to be done to the truck to help it look nice.

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