Lighting is something most people don’t really think twice about, but it is a necessity that we all can’t live without. Whether it’s for work purposes or recreational activities, the world would come to a complete standstill without lights. One of the premier brands in this field is (EGL) Earthtrack Group Lights. This popular and professional brand originates from Australia and is branching out to North America with their signature line of (LED) lighting.

Being from Australia, which is known for having a harsh climate, these lights are built to last and can stand the test of time. The company provides high performance (LEDs) such as light bars, work lights, driving lights, and accessories for you to choose from. Also if you’re an outdoor or off-road enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these.

For you crazy off-road dudes, (EGL) has you covered with a full line of performance (LED) light bars for all adventurous endeavours.

These bars have mount brackets for bolting on and uses the advanced (Cree LEDs) that produces 50,000 hours of lighting. The company has a signature line to choose from also. Eclipse, Tornado and Commander give you plenty of options of straight and curved bars for vehicles. These high-intensity lights will light up the sky and are great for night driving. The housings are produced from High Impact Die-Cast Aluminum and are water-proof. For more info on the LED light bars check out LED Light Bar. 

Safety is no joke and without top notch lighting, can be detrimental to the job. If you need professional high-quality lights; Earthtrack Group Lights has the best and most powerful (LEDs) available. These high powered (HD LEDs) are designed with safety & were built for the mining sector. Being heavy-duty, these lights are now being used in agriculture and construction. The Enforcer LEDs provides the latest in high powered light technology as they illuminate the night sky. You get premium visibility from their extremely high output. From work lights to light pods, there is a wide selection and for a full line-up go here https://www.genesisledlightbars.com/collections/led-work-lights.

With so much to choose from, you’ll surely find what you need and want. Proper lighting is a must have and pays dividends in the end. Either for off-road vehicles or work purposes; the company is (Tried, Tested, and True).

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