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Whether its a Jeep, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, quad or motorbike. Get outside and get xtreme. The best part of owning machines like this is they can take you were few people can go.


You might be ordinary at work, but on the weekends, you’re a warrior! We love hearing story of hill climbs, dig outs, races, you name it. Xtreme off road motor sports are what we are all about.


Best Off Road Vehicle List – International Harvester Safari

5. International Harvester Safari II (1977-1979) The International Harvester Safari II or the Super Scout II, was an American-made off-road vehicle produced in direct competition with the Jeep CJ. Also referred to as the “Cornbinder,” The Safari II / Super Scout II is one of the few 4×4’s that could be taken direct to work …


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